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Sports Car in Storm


High Vision Auto Detailing offers premium car detailing services to keep your car looking its best. We use advanced and high-quality materials to detail your car and make it look new again, including exterior and interior cleaning, waxing, and polishing.

Water Drops

Package includes

  • Full Interior clean

  • Foam cannon wash

  • Window cleaning inside and out

  • Wheel detox treatment (Ironx)

  • Floor mat and carpet vacuuming

  • seat cleaning 

  • Full interior clean

  • Foam cannon wash

  • Two-bucket wash

  • Window cleaning inside and out

  • Detox treatment (IronX) on all painted surfaces and wheels

  • Deep Clean Package+

  • Clay bar treatment

  • Glaze to remove minor imperfections in the paint

  • Wax to give the paint a mirror finish

  • shampoo and vacuuming of carpets, floor mats and seats if applicable

  • vents, buttons and cupholders will be cleaned and dusted

  • windows will receive an interior wash

  • Steering wheel, plastic trim and dashboard will be wiped down with an APC

  • Leather will be cleaned and treated with a leather conditioner and cleaner.

Package includes

Package includes

Package includes

Package includes


11 Linda Ln, Streamwood, IL 60107, USA

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